As an important driver of our reputation, our commitment to acting responsibly is critical to our success as a business, and our ability to generate shareholder value. The way we work, our global code of conduct, forms the basis of our governance systems. It sets out our four core values: respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability. These guide the way we engage with all our stakeholders: with transparency and openness, and so that we understand their interests and concerns.

Business integrity

Sound governance structures and a commitment to integrity are the foundations on which we do business. They support our goal to be accountable for our actions and ensure we continue to operate ethically wherever we operate.

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Business resilience

The global nature of our operations and the inherent risk associated with our industry mean there are a range of incidents that could threaten our business. Our Group-wide approach to business resilience and recovery brings together our collective experience to protect our people, the environment, our assets and our reputation.

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Although it may extend over decades, mining is a temporary land use. So it’s critical we have an effective plan in place to manage what we leave behind. Careful planning throughout the lives of our operations, and in consultation with local stakeholders, will result in closure outcomes that are better for local communities and the surrounding region.

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Human rights

Respecting human rights is not only the right thing to do; it also contributes to our long-term success. The actions we take to respect human rights help us build strong relationships with local communities, employees and business partners.

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Value chain

Our value chain is about understanding the health, safety, environmental, social and economic impacts of our operations, including everything we purchase and the materials we manufacture across their life cycles. Our goal is to obtain preferred supplier status and recognition for our commitment to the safe, and socially and environmentally responsible, production, transport and use of our products.

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