We continually seek more environmentally friendly ways to run our business. Wherever possible we prevent – or otherwise minimise, mitigate and remediate – environmental impacts.

We have developed a range of practical programmes for environmental management, and work on these in partnership with our stakeholders – such as local communities and conservation groups. This collaborative approach helps us increase our understanding of the risks we face - both challenges and opportunities – and how best to manage them.


Our operations involve burning fossil fuels, moving ores and wastes, and smelting metals which release gases and particulates into the atmosphere. We constantly review our emissions and apply strict air quality control standards across our operations, and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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The rate of biodiversity loss is a global concern. The growing human population competes with habitats containing the world’s remaining biodiversity, and a changing climate is straining ecosystems further. Our business has a strong conservation ethic and we acknowledge our responsibility to manage our biodiversity impacts.

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Climate change

Climate change presents a range of challenges for Rio Tinto that have implications across our value chain. We continue to work to understand and proactively manage climate change threats, and to identify and capture opportunities.

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Energy is fundamental to the mining, refining and transport activities of our operations and a reliable and cost-effective energy supply is essential. We believe it will require companies, governments and society working together to meet the challenge of decarbonisation while meeting the growth in global energy demand.

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We must efficiently and effectively manage waste to protect human health and the environment, minimise disposal costs, and avoid creating future liabilities. Where there is not an opportunity to reuse or recycle our waste we manage it in facilities compatible with their physical nature and specific risks.

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Water is critical to many Rio Tinto operations. We need water at each stage of the business – from exploration through to closure. We source and distribute potable water to our facilities, towns, and camps. And we use water to generate hydroelectric power. It is one of our most sensitive interfaces with the natural environment.

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