Country Director's message

Country Director's message

As Mongolia steps further into 21st century, there is one project that will define Mongolia's place in the world – Oyu Tolgoi.

Mongolia is blessed with abundance of mineral resources. Responsible management of these resources will guide the future of the country for many years to come. As a major shareholder and operator of Oyu Tolgoi, Rio Tinto could not be prouder to be part of that future.

At Rio Tinto Mongolia, we are honoured to be part of a company that has pioneered human progress for 145 years and produces the essential minerals for everyday life used to make to things: from automobiles, to MRI machines, to dishwashers. Copper in particular is in everything from smart phones to the Prius – so I like to think that there will be a little bit of Oyu Tolgoi – and Mongolia! – in every corner of the world.

I appreciate this company's unwavering focus on safety. As one of the safest operations in all of Rio Tinto, I am honoured to work for an organization that puts the wellbeing of our people above all else.

Rio Tinto's commitment to Mongolia is not limited to Oyu Tolgoi. Most recently, we have been developing the Mongolian Delivery Centre, the local branch of Rio Tinto's Information Systems and Technology team. The centre, staffed by a 100 percent Mongolian workforce, is responsible for providing knowledge based solutions and services to Rio Tinto’s global operations.

I am excited for the future ahead.

Munkhtushig Dul
Country Director
Rio Tinto Mongolia