Pink Diamonds in Japan

Pink Diamonds in Japan

Most of Rio Tinto’s diamonds from both the Diavik and Argyle mines are sold as rough diamonds to leading diamantaires, who cut and polish them. In turn, jewellery manufacturers transform the polished stones into diamond jewellery. Japan is the fourth largest retail diamond jewellery market in the world behind the US, China, and India, and thus many of Rio Tinto’s diamonds come to Japan in the form of finished diamond jewellery.

However, our exquisite pink diamonds are cut and polished in our own facility in Perth and marketed directly to the Japanese and other markets through our authorised partners and select ateliers.

The pink diamond jewellery phenomenon started in Japan in the late 1980s when Japanese designers were bold enough to embrace Argyle’s pink diamonds and incorporate them into beautiful and innovative designs. Today, Japan is the largest market by volume for Rio Tinto’s Argyle pink diamonds, with all colours, sizes and shapes in strong demand and distributed by a network of eight trade partners and luxury jewellers located throughout Japan.

In 2014, the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection, comprising around 50 of the rarest and most valuable pink diamonds in the world, was showcased in an exclusive preview for Japan’s First Lady, Mrs Akie Abe, on her inaugural visit to Western Australia. Mrs Abe was the first to view a hero of the collection, a 1.59 carat Emerald cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink named Argyle Toki™. The name, depicting the delicate pink underwings of a rare Japanese bird, symbolises the importance of Japan as the premier export market for rare pink diamonds.

Argyle Toki™

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