Rio Tinto Limited

Rio Tinto Limited

+ How can I buy or sell shares?

Rio Tinto Limited shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Shares listed on ASX can only be bought or sold through a stockbroker.

The ASX’s website contains information about how to select a stockbroker.

+ Where can I find the current share price?

The Rio Tinto Limited share price is reported in most Australian newspapers.

It is also shown in most UK newspapers usually under “Mining”. If there are two Rio Tinto companies shown one of these will be Rio Tinto Limited, the Australian company. The letters A$ may also appear after the name. Share prices are often quoted alongside a unique code known as a stock exchange ticker. The Australian Securities Exchange ticker for Rio Tinto Limited is RIO.AX and the London Stock Exchange ticker for Rio Tinto plc is RIO.L.

In addition, information on the recent movements in the share price is available from the Rio Tinto website.

+ Where can I find information about historical share prices?

Information about historical Rio Tinto share prices is available on the Share price & tools page.

+ What are dividends?

The dividend is the amount that directors of a company propose to pay out of the profits to its shareholders. Dividends can be thought of as the income that shareholders receive from their investment. Dividends are quoted on a per share basis.

+ When are dividends paid?

We pay dividends twice a year, as an “interim” dividend and a “final dividend”. When the financial results for the half year and full year are announced, the level of dividend to be paid to shareholders is also announced. The dividend is usually paid in April and September and is paid to everyone who holds shares on the “record date”. Upcoming record dates can be found in the financial calendar. The dividend is determined in US$ but is declared by the directors in sterling at the exchange rate prevailing two days before the results are announced.

+ How can I have my dividends paid directly into my bank account?

Please contact Computershare for a “Direct Credit Instruction” form. You can also download a form from Computershare's website and update your details.

If you are a UK resident and elect to receive your Rio Tinto Limited dividend in pounds sterling you will receive your dividend by cheque unless you provide details for your UK bank account. If you are a non-UK resident you will need to provide your UK bank account details if you elect to receive your Rio Tinto Limited dividend in pounds sterling, otherwise you will receive your dividend in Australian dollars.

+ What is the "ex-dividend" date?

The ex-dividend date is a specific date, occurring after the dividend has been declared after which buyers are no longer entitled to receive the last declared dividend. This is known as going “ex-dividend” and before this date the shares are said to be “cum-dividend”. If you buy shares before the ex-dividend date, you are entitled to the recently announced dividend. If you purchase shares on or after that date, the previous owner of the shares (and not you) is entitled to the dividend. According to Australian Stock Exchange Listing Rules, shares are quoted on an ex-dividend basis four clear business days before the “record date”. The ex-dividend date for the latest dividend can be found in the financial calendar.

+ What is the dividend "record date"?

This is the date the registrars view the register to prepare the dividend payment. A shareholding must be recorded on the register on this date to receive the dividend. The record date normally falls about three weeks before the dividend is paid. The record date for the latest dividend can be found in the financial calendar.

+ In what currency are Rio Tinto dividends paid?

The US dollar, in which the majority of sales are made, most reliably records the Group's global business performance and is our main reporting currency. It is, therefore, the natural currency in which to determine dividends.

Dividends determined in US dollars are converted at exchange rates applicable two days prior to the announcement of dividends and then declared and paid in Australian dollars for Rio Tinto Limited and in pounds sterling for Rio Tinto plc.

+ Can I elect to receive my dividends in currencies other than my local currency?

Shareholders on Rio Tinto Limited's share register will receive their dividends in Australian dollars unless they make an election to receive them in pounds sterling. The dividend amounts received will be calculated by converting the declared dividend using the exchange rates applicable to Australian dollars five days prior to the dividend payment date.

Should shareholders wish to receive their dividends in pounds sterling, or to cancel a current pounds sterling election, they should update their shareholding record by providing their relevant bank account details via the Computershare website. The secure Computershare Easy Update website may be accessed by entering the shareholder registration number/holder identification number and country, and by selecting the appropriate option under the “Payments” section.

Our registrar, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited, offers payment services in other currencies, which are subject to a fee. Please contact Computershare for further details on 1800 813 292 (within Australia) or +61 (0)3 9415 4030.

+ Does Rio Tinto have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) is available to give shareholders the opportunity to elect for their cash dividend to be used to purchase Rio Tinto ordinary shares in the market, free of commission. As the shares will be purchased in the market, there will be no increase in the Company's issued share capital.

Find out how to participate in the DRP and update your details on the Computershare website.

+ Do I have to pay tax on my dividends?

Your tax obligations will vary depending on your financial circumstances. Further information about taxation is provided in the Shareholder information section of our Annual Report.

Please note that this information is provided for guidance only. We recommend you obtain independent financial advice.

+ How do I obtain a paper copy of shareholder documents?

Paper copies of all shareholder documents can be obtained free of charge by contacting the Company.

+ Can I update my shareholder details on the internet?

You are now able to update your payment instructions, DRP elections, tax file numbers and email details on the Computershare website.

+ How can I have a change of address noted on the share register?

If you are an individual Issuer Sponsored shareholder you can change your address details by writing to or phoning Computershare. If you wish to change your address details by phone, you will need to provide your SRN and confirm your full name and old address. Computershare will confirm these details with you and provide a confirmation number. If you wish to change your address details in writing, you should complete the “Change of Address Notification” form which you can download from Computershare's website. You can also update your change of address via Investor Centre.

+ How can I have a change of name noted on the share register?

You must tell Computershare of the change in writing. If you wish to change your registered name on an Issuer Sponsored holding, you should provide Computershare with the following information: your shareholder registration number (SRN), old name and registered address, your new name in full, your signature in your new name and an original certified copy of any supporting documentation, such as your marriage certificate. If your shares are maintained by a broker (Broker Sponsored) please return the name change letter and supporting documentation to your broker for processing. Find out more on the Computershare website.   

+ How can I transfer shares to another member of my family, or any other person?

Please contact Computershare for a “Standard Transfer” form, or you can download a form from this website.

When you have completed the transfer form, send it to Computershare.

A security validation fee is payable to Computershare, the share registrar, for processing this transfer. You should contact Computershare for details of the fee.

+ What happens if a shareholder dies?

Please advise Computershare in writing or by telephone as soon as possible and they will explain what has to be done.

+ I have Rio Tinto Limited shares. Can I exchange them for Rio Tinto plc shares?

Whilst unified under a dual listed companies structure, Rio Tinto Limited and Rio Tinto plc remain separate legal entities. As Rio Tinto Limited and Rio Tinto plc have separate share registers, there is no facility to transfer shares between the companies. If a shareholder in Rio Tinto Limited wanted their shares to be part of the Rio Tinto plc register, they would have to sell their Rio Tinto Limited shares and purchase Rio Tinto plc shares.

+ What is CHESS?

Since 1998, when paper share certificates were eventually phased out, ownership of shares has been recorded electronically. Shareholders can choose to have their holdings registered in one of two ways on the Rio Tinto share register – on an Issuer Sponsored Subregister or on the CHESS (Broker Sponsored) Subregister. “CHESS” means the Clearing House Electronic Subregister System. The two types of subregister provide alternative forms of registration for shareholders and the shares they own.

+ What is a Holder Identification Number (HIN)?

The Holder Identification Number (HIN) identifies your registration on the CHESS Subregister. This form of registration, also known as Broker Sponsored, allows brokers to manage their sponsored client's shareholdings. A HIN is made up of the letter X followed by ten numbers, ie X0001234567. The one HIN can register a client's shareholding in multiple companies. Find out more from Computershare.

+ What is a Shareholder Registration Number (SRN)?

Your Shareholder Registration Number (SRN) is a unique number allocated to identify your registered holding on a company's Issuer Sponsored Subregister. It is made up of the letter I followed by ten numbers, ie I0001234567.

The SRN is important information to be used in confirming or amending shareholder details retained by Computershare. If you hold shares in more than one company and choose to be Issuer Sponsored, you will have a different SRN for each shareholding.

+ Can I view details of my Rio Tinto shareholding online?

You can view details of your Rio Tinto shareholding online through the Computershare website via Investor Centre.

You will need to enter your SRN or HIN and your registered postcode or country (if outside Australia). This service provides read-only access to your Rio Tinto shareholding information.

You can view details of all your holdings for companies registered with Computershare online through Computershare's Investor Centre, if you register with Computershare.

Once you have registered you will be able to view all your holdings and update your details online.

+ Can I receive shareholder documents electronically?

Rio Tinto shareholders are able to receive Annual reports, Notices of meetings and other company mail-outs online via email. Please register with eTree to do so.

Shareholders who choose to receive electronic copies can change their election at any time by contacting the Company's share registrar, Computershare.

+ I am receiving multiple copies of shareholder circulars. How can I stop this?

If you receive more than one copy of company information, it is because Computershare is holding two or more accounts for you on the share register. If you would like to have the accounts combined into one, you should contact Computershare for a form to request consolidation of your holdings. You can download a “Request to consolidate holdings” form from Computershare's website. There is no charge for doing this.

If you wish to consolidate separate Issuer Sponsored and CHESS holdings, you should contact your broker and they will explain what has to be done.