Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Rio Tinto’s vision is to be a company that is admired and respected for delivering superior business value and for being the industry’s trusted partner.

Our stakeholders’ trust is essential for our business – their confidence in us helps secure our licence to operate and gives us stability. In turn, we thrive, and can return greater benefits to our stakeholders and host countries.

To earn this trust we must find ever-smarter answers to complex global and local issues such as resource scarcity, climate change, community employment and regional development. We see social, environmental and economic challenges like these as opportunities to build our reputation as a trusted partner and create more value for our business, our shareholders and the people we work alongside.

We look for ways to deliver mutual value for our business, our shareholders and our many stakeholders. We set out to manage our business risks and interests so as to deliver the best possible results for all.

Community relations

Rio Tinto QMM’s area of activity is located in a region where there is a real cultural and social diversity. Several villages are located around the mine-related infrastructures and also around the new roads and port area. The Community Relations Programme intervenes in all phases of the project (construction and operation) to ensure that our actions are in proper harmony with our neighbours.

Building sustainable relationships with our neighbours, relations which are characterised by:

  • respect for rights: recognition and respect for the rights and obligations of each
  • legal: comply with the law
  • fair: fairness and impartiality
  • transparency: information shared openly
  • permanent: consistent and sustainable
  • safety: Zero Harm


The Community Relations Programme started with the first monograph studies in 1990, with the participation of local and international expert consultants from various disciplines. The team currently includes a staff of 13 anthropologists, sociologists, doctors and rural outreach officers. The Programme is integrated into the Community Affairs, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Department.

On account of the identified issues, the Programme is subdivided into two services:

  1. Community Relations Sector
  2. Cultural and Land Use Sector


The Community Relations Programme represents Rio Tinto QMM’s eyes and ears for the community relations and this crucial role will be effective throughout the whole project. It is important that the Programme be an integral part of all the decisions or issues associated with development at the mine in order to achieve more involvement in the project by our neighbours and harmonious integration of the company in its host environment.