Supplier's forum

Supplier's forum

This forum is aimed at placing a greater emphasis on transparency, communication and fostering strong  relationships with our commercial partners.

Our suppliers play a key role in the success of our business – particularly in the areas of production, technology and growth. And we work in collaboration with our partners to increase safety and sustainable development.

In addition to strengthening our relations with global suppliers, QMM is focused on developing partnerships with local businesses. Our success as a company depends on our shared commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of the region, and to be a trusted partner as well as a good neighbour.

QMM applies a disciplined and integrated approach to address the economic, social and environmental aspects of its activities. Safety remains our top priority, and Rio Tinto’s The way we work sets out the and standards that guide how we work every day.

QMM expects that all our suppliers comply with The way we work, and that they extend these expectations to their subcontractors.