Our support programme

Our support programme

QMM is committed to ensuring local suppliers have access to opportunities associated with the Ilmenite project.

Here is a brief summary of initiatives implemented since 2006:

  • Training on the call for tender process
  • Support in EPI, APEA (BCI, BAMEX)
  • Preparing business plans to access funding
  • Coaching sessions
  • Pre-qualification
  • Collaboration with the CCI as well as with other business support bodies
  • Contribution to support the tourism sector
  • Contribution to the organisation of a B2B forum during the Economic Forum of the Indian Ocean Islands (FEIOI) in October 2011

In 2011, we launched a business management and logic training plan with the IFC’s tool “Business Edge”.

The SME management and Business Skills program is aimed at improving the performance and competitiveness of local businesses, as well as job creation. It improves the managerial capacity in SMEs and larger organisations by providing training in practical solutions relevant to the business local business context.