Rough diamond auctions

Rough diamond auctions

The majority of Rio Tinto Diamonds' (RTD) rough production is sold directly through regular contract sales to a selected group of core customers, known as Select Diamantaires. 

RTD also conducts Alternative Sales, by invitation only, providing non-Select Diamantaires with the opportunity to access Rio Tinto product; a full range of rough diamonds is offered to a global group of diamond companies through two auction-based sales channels: 

  1. Invitation Sales: five times per year, RTD offers a broad mix of premium Canadian (Diavik) and Australian (Argyle) rough, ranging from -5 sieve size up to 10 caraters, in different models, qualities and colours. Via a transparent, dynamic and user-friendly auction system, customers can buy consistent parcels at market determined prices.
  2. Specials & Coloured Rough Tender: two times per year, RTD offers large (mainly +10.8ct) and fancy coloured rough diamonds from the Argyle and Diavik productions. Via a sealed bid, first price auction system, customers can buy high-value large single stones, parcels and natural coloured rough diamonds comprising a diverse range of sizes, shapes and qualities in a variety of colours, including pinks and fancy yellows.

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Participation in RTD Alternative Sales is by invitation only. There is significant interest in our sales events and the invitee lists are based on yearly performance reviews. Furthermore, participation is subject to compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), as required by Belgian legislation. 

In order to register for potential future participation, please:

  1. complete the expression of interest; then
  2. email us

If your application is successful, you will receive a request to start up the AML process.

Please note that RTD reserves the right to refuse any application at any time.