Sustainable development and community

Sustainable development and community


From the outset, RTFT has been actively involved in the communities where we work. As a major economic player in the regions of Sorel-Tracy and Havre-Saint-Pierre, we strive to improve the quality of life in these areas. For us, sustainable development means social commitment as well as environmental protection.

With a strong belief that our growth is directly linked to the development of neighbouring communities, we maintain close ties with local residents and representatives. RTFT's community relations policy is based on strict ethics that are founded on the principles of listening to and respecting the local population. We support initiatives that strengthen the vitality of local areas community projects that focus on regional development and improve residents' quality of life. RTFT is also committed to long-term partnerships in health, education, culture, the environment and community activities.

Sustainable development report 2017

Rio Tinto Fer et Titane has been active on social media for a few months now. One of our goal is to increase awareness of our employees' projects and involvement in the community. Throughout 2016, we will be producing a series of videos to feature Les Étoiles RTFT.