It’s no coincidence that Rio Tinto operations in Canada are among the most technologically advanced in the world. Innovation is in our DNA.

AP60 TechnologyTM: setting a new standard in energy efficiency

Our Arvida aluminum smelter in Saguenay, Quebec, is the site of an industry-leading breakthrough. After years of testing by our R&D team, Arvida was first to use AP60 Technology - the most advanced smelter technology in the world - on an industrial scale.

AP60 is built on high-efficiency processes, cutting-edge digital systems and state-of-the art environmental innovations. It is 40 per cent more productive than previous generations of AP technology uses energy more efficiently and has lower emissions.

No other smelter technology can deliver the reliability, safety, efficiency and productivity we’re seeing from AP60.

Kitimat: the smelter of the future

Our work to update and modernize the Kitimat smelter draws on two of our greatest strengths – the clean, hydro-powered energy we produce and our world-leading smelter technology.

The project boosted Kitimat’s production by almost 50 per cent while cutting overall emissions in half.

Today, Kitimat produces the aluminum the world needs, with one of the smallest carbon footprints of any smelter on the planet.

Rio Tinto Centre for Underground Mine Construction

Thanks to the Rio Tinto Centre for Underground Mine Construction, Sudbury, Ontario, is a hub of advances in the mining industry.

The Centre complements Rio Tinto’s other annexes of innovation in Australia and the UK.

It brings technology experts to Canada, where they are working on breakthroughs that can make mining below the surface not just safer and more efficient but also more sustainable.

RTFT’s Technology Centre

RTFT’s Technology Centre located in Sorel-Tracy was founded in 1967. Its mission is to improve processes and products to expand markets and strengthen the competitive value of RTFT’s products. The Centre has specialists varied science and technology fields, leading-edge equipment and technology including a pilot plant that simulates the plant. The research activities touch on all of the company's business areas, from mining to finished products. The centre invests around $ 15 million annually and has over 60 employees.