Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples

Canada’s culture and communities are shaped by Indigenous peoples, by their traditional knowledge, and by their deep historical and spiritual connections to the land. Doing business here means building trust and partnerships with Indigenous peoples and working together to tackle tough issues and create opportunity.

Economic development

We’re committed to ensuring that Indigenous peoples benefit from our work. In many places, we’ve signed formal agreements to hire Indigenous people and suppliers, pay royalties to Indigenous communities and, through partnerships, create even broader opportunities for economic development.

Our Diavik Diamond Mine sets the standard. Nearly a quarter of Diavik’s employees come from Indigenous communities and since 2000, the mine has invested $2.4 billion in businesses owned by Indigenous peoples.


When it comes to education and access for Indigenous students, there are big gaps to be filled. That’s why we work with Indigenous leaders and organizations to build better pathways to a great education, improve schools, and give students the support they need to stay in school, succeed in school and fulfill their dreams.

In partnership with Indspire and the Canadian government, we’ve created a $2 million scholarship fund for Indigenous students.

Preserving cultural heritage

Across our operations, we’re working hard to make our teams more aware and respectful of Indigenous peoples’ traditional land use, knowledge and cultural practices. We follow Canada’s strict cultural heritage regulations and, more importantly, we work with Indigenous communities to identify, understand and protect cultural places, objects and practices.

Protecting the environment

Our relationships with Indigenous peoples help us protect our natural surroundings.

In British Columbia, our partners included cultural and spiritual teachings and practices in plans to protect endangered white sturgeons, and at our Diavik diamond mine, a traditional knowledge panel helps guide our decisions and work to protect the environment.