Health and safety

Health and safety

The health and safety of its employees are at the forefront of Diavik's operations.

Diavik maintains a safe workplace by applying stringent standards, educating workers, measuring ongoing performance, reviewing systems and programs and setting continuous improvement targets.

Diavik monitors safety using the industry standards of all incident frequency rate and the lost time injury frequency rate. A lost time injury is considered to have occurred when a worker is unable to return to his or her normal work duties for their next shift as a result of a work related injury. The lost time injury frequency rate measures the number of lost time injuries per 200,000 hours worked. The all injury frequency rate includes medical treatments and lost time injuries.

The success of Diavik's health and safety programs is evident in the very low lost time injury rate across Diavik's operations. Diavik's goal is a zero lost time injury rating.

Diavik's workforce has won one national and four regional John T. Ryan safety trophies. John T. Ryan awards are the Canadian mining industry's most prestigious safety recognitions.

Diavik's commitment to health and safety extends beyond the workplace and into the lives of its employees and their community.

Diavik has an Employee and Family Assistance Program. This counselling service supports workers and their families in resolving issues associated with overall health and well-being. The program provider strives to provide these services in the employee's home community.