SMART: Our education portal

SMART: Our education portal

SMART is Rio Tinto’s education portal.

It stands for Study, Mining And Rio Tinto and forms part of our ongoing commitment to operate as a sustainable, responsible company.

Our aim is to show students how relevant and important the knowledge and skills they develop through their classroom based learning are to businesses like Rio Tinto. Put simply, we want to help young people make the connection between what they learn at school and the careers they can follow later in life.

SMART provides an online learning resource for teachers and students. It features a teachers’ centre containing lesson plans, presentation notes, worksheets and case study materials.
Teachers have access to ten interactive lesson plans which are designed to be delivered on an interactive whiteboard, or with paper based resources. They support teaching and learning in maths and science for students aged from 12 to 16 years old and Business Studies for students aged 14 to 16 years old. SMART is also an e-learning platform for students to use directly, and includes resources such as publications, photography and film that they can use in assignments.

All the lessons connect learning targets aligned to the latest Australian curriculum with practical tasks that our teams perform as part of their jobs in their offices, mines and businesses around the world. Lessons cover key areas of the mining process such as exploration, extracting and processing.

SMART was first launched in Australia at the start of 2014 and we are now working on expanding the resource to other geographies where we operate such as the US and Canada. New subjects and lessons will be added over time to provide ongoing support for teachers and to engage students throughout their high school education.