A safe workplace is essential to the continued success of our business. Our goal is to ensure every employee, contractor and visitor returns home healthy and injury free.

'Safety is our value, work is our priority'. This is the Dampier Salt safety statement. Priorities can and do change, but values are a constant.

We work to manage the risk of safety incidents by understanding those risks and driving a culture where safety is a core value. It is not just about the systems, the procedures or even people's behaviours. Although these are all important, it is a focus on building a sustainable safety culture across the business where every person looks after their own safety and the safety of others.

A balanced approach to health and safety

We believe that identifying, understanding and mitigating the safety risks associated with our operations is essential for continual safety improvement and reaching our goal of zero injuries.

Our approach to improving our safety performance is balanced between:

  1. Fatality Prevention – ensuring that our business clearly identifies, controls, monitors, and improves the awareness at all levels of critical risk in our business. By continually learning from our significant potential incidents from within the business we can prevent reoccurrences.

    Dampier Salt critical risks include: the operation of heavy earth moving equipment, berthing and warping of ships, working at heights, electrical work and isolation of equipment.

  2. Reducing injury and illness – Actively working to identify and control the tasks that can cause injuries and illness in the workplace such as: Musculoskeletal risks, thermal stress, noise, vibration, and hand injuries.

  3. Catastrophic event prevention – understanding the process safety risks and other risks in the business that could result in catastrophic injury and damage.

Our Safety standards

Dampier Salt adheres to a set of minimum safety standards set down by the Rio Tinto Group which were recently refreshed in 2015. This is complemented by the Rio Tinto 17 element management system that is aligned to ISO 9000 certification.

  • isolations
  • electrical safety
  • vehicles and driving
  • working at heights
  • confined spaces
  • cranes and lifting equipment
  • stockpile management
  • shipping and terminal management

Each standard is managed by a “Champion” with support committees who are responsible for ensuring that all aspects are managed effectively across the sites.

The implementation of the standards is checked through a rigorous internal and external audit process every year.

Key safety management systems

Safety Policy, Strategy, and plans - Our annual safety plans cascade from our corporate safety direction coupled with a focus on the significant risks experienced at Dampier salt operations.

Recently DSL developed a “One business policy” that integrates our health, safety, environment and community into other business functions and provides the guidance to drive safety improvement.

Safety Leadership program - Safety leadership is the responsibility of all employees at Dampier Salt starting with our values of the “Way we work” of accountability, respect, teamwork, and integrity. A set of safety competencies is defined for all levels of the business and we work to build these.

For our frontline supervision we skill them up though a safety leadership and development program that not only defines their expectations as leaders but provides experiential and practical learning opportunities to improve their capability and “walk the talk” on safety.

Safety Interactions Program - All employees are encouraged to actively observe their fellow employees in the workplace and discuss the safe and less safe behaviours that they may encounter.

Incident management, investigation and hazard reporting – through active reporting of incidents and hazards the business can identify its priority risks, investigate and ensure effective controls are put in place.

Contractor safety - Contractors' safety is as important as the safety of employees. We are currently focused on improving our approach to contractor management. Our contractor management process has recently been reviewed and changes made to develop a consistent approach that will ensure the highest standards of contractor management across the business.

Business Resilience and Recovery - Dampier Salt operates in the NW of Western Australia, a region frequented by regular cyclones and as such we must be prepared to deal with emergencies, first by protecting our employees and families, our local environment, and then the physical assets of our Operations. All our Sites operate effective emergency response teams that are drilled in dealing with typical mining emergencies.

Controlling risk in the workplace - Dampier Salt has a number of risk management tools to control hazards across the business. These tools range from Take 5s, Job safety analysis, hazard assessment to Semi Quantitative Risk Assessments to identify critical risks. These tools enable employees and the business to identify the risks and hazards then put controls in place to manage or eliminate the risks or hazards using the hierarchy of controls.