Sustainable development

Sustainable development

At Rio Tinto Coal Australia we work hard to be a long-term sustainable business that delivers significant direct and indirect benefits to the areas in which we operate. 

In our 2015 sustainable development report you will find great examples of the significant, positive impact we have made to people’s lives, despite the market challenges of recent years.

Highlights include:

  • A$5.9 million invested in 319 community programmes
  • A$100 million in taxes and royalties
  • 320 hectares of rehabilitation and zero unauthorised disturbances of cultural heritage sites
  • A$914 million spent with more than 1,100 local suppliers
  • The lowest recorded All Injury Frequency Rate in RTCA’s history.

We are proud of these results and look forward to continuing to make a long-lasting, meaningful difference to the communities in which we operate.

About our report

For RTCA, sustainable development is about acting responsibly and managing risks so the environment and communities in which we operate are there for the future generations to enjoy.

Mining and producing coal can make a huge contribution to present and future generations through the supply of affordable and reliable energy, local employment opportunities and support of associated businesses. However, if not managed properly, our activities have the ability to detract from the local environment and our local communities.

In this report, you will read about our performance and priorities from the past year, with detailed scorecards from each of our mine sites, with the exception of Bengalla.

Information contained in this report is provided on a consolidated basis and joint ventures are reported on a 100 per cent managed basis unless otherwise specified. Where we have reported RTCA figures as a whole, Bengalla has been included, unless otherwise indicated.