Coal & Allied CDF

Coal & Allied CDF

The Coal & Allied Community Development Fund (previously called the Coal & Allied Community Trust) was established in 1999 to support communities in the Hunter Valley to build community capacity to address development challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

In late 2014, Coal & Allied announced the continuation of the Community Development Fund and has committed A$3 million to distribute to eligible projects between January 2015 and December 2017. The aim of the fund is to support projects and programmes that will create opportunities and foster new ideas that will provide a long lasting benefit to the wider community.


The fund aims to target issues, needs and opportunities which are a priority to the local community and are related to Coal & Allied's core business. Specific objectives have been identified based on an understanding of the local social and economic environment, as well as through direct feedback from members of the community.

Based on this information, the objectives of the Coal & Allied Community Development Fund are to support projects in the following areas.

Economic development

Proposals aimed at encouraging the diversity and competitiveness of the Upper Hunter economy:

  • Support the development of small to medium sized businesses that provide alternative employment opportunities
  • Strengthen and promote regional attributes, capabilities and cooperation that will add economic value
  • Improve the economic competitiveness of the region.


Proposals aimed at promoting the value of education and building skills within the community:

  • Develop community and youth leadership and recognise excellence
  • Increase access to appropriate academic and vocational education and training
  • Support the transition of high school students into tertiary education or employment and training opportunities
  • Enhance community recognition of excellence and leadership.

Community health

Proposals aimed at supporting projects which target health, safety and social wellbeing of the community:

  • Empowering families and communities to take charge of health challenges, build resilience and integrate health and safety initiatives in the home
  • Support parity between regional and metropolitan health services and amenities including targeting community health equipment and resources
  • Show leadership in promoting preventative health strategies and programmes that address key health issues, including mental health and family health.

Environment and land management

Proposals aimed at looking beyond the boundaries of our own operations to see how we can make a difference on a wider scale:

  • Show leadership in regional environmental issues, including land use linkage with mining operations and post-mining land use
  • Engage in programmes to improve Hunter River health, including its major tributaries, and community access to this regional asset
  • Encourage families to engage with nature and the environment.

Eligibility & guidelines

Information about eligibility and the application process to apply for funding can be found in the Coal & Allied Community Development Fund Guidelines 2015 to 2017 located on the Documents page.

Contact us to get in touch with the executive officer for further information or to start the application process


About our former Aboriginal Community Development Fund

We are proud to have made a positive and lasting difference to Upper Hunter Aboriginal communities through our former Aboriginal Community Development Fund (ACDF). The ACDF was funded through a community benefits commitment established under the Native Title Agreement for the Mount Pleasant Project. Since its inception in 2006, more than AUD$4.6 million was invested in projects contributed to education, cultural and economic development outcomes for Upper Hunter Valley Aboriginal communities in NSW. This positive legacy is intended to deliver benefits beyond its 20 year life under its new owners following the sale of our Mount Pleasant project in 2016.