Mine of the Future™

Mine of the Future™

Launched in 2008, our Mine of the Future™ programme is about finding advanced ways to extract minerals deep within the Earth while reducing environmental impacts and further improving safety.

Operations Centre: Our Operations Centre in Perth is a state-of-the-art facility that enables all our mines, ports and rail systems to be operated from a single location, greatly increasing opportunities for shared experience and overall system improvement. It incorporates visualisation and collaboration tools to provide real-time information across our demand chain, and will allow us to optimise our mining, maintenance and logistic activities across the Pilbara in a way never before possible.

Autonomous haulage systems (AHS): We are the world’s largest owner and operator of autonomous haulage system trucks. We have 69 autonomous trucks in operation at our Pilbara sites moving high grade ore and the number of trucks is set to grow in coming years. Implementing autonomous haulage means more material can be moved efficiently and safely, creating a direct increase in productivity.

Automated drilling system (ADS): In 2008, our automated drilling system was successfully trialled at our West Angelas mine in preparation for deployment across our Pilbara operations over the next few years.

AutoHaul®: AutoHaul® continues to progress and, once operational, it will be the world’s first fully-autonomous heavy haul, long distance railway system. A key part of our long-term operating strategy, AutoHaul® operations will provide the additional capacity required to meet increasing production without investment in additional trains. Throughout 2015, AutoHaul® fitted locomotives have been trialled on the network to test onboard systems, signalling, safety mechanisms and communications with our Operations Centre in Perth. In 2016, AutoHaul® development will continue including submission of regulatory approvals, completion of full system functionality, improvement of system performance and reliability and gradual integration into operations.