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Our trains run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there is never a safe time to be on the rail lines. For your safety, and that of your friends and family, remember these important rules.

Never try to beat a train through a rail crossing

  • Our trains travel up to 80 kilometres per hour, weigh around 35,000 tonnes and take up to a kilometre to stop  
  • Always slow down when approaching rail crossings and make sure it’s safe to cross
Keep off the tracks

  • Never go on or near the rail tracks or near a stationary train - trains can move at any time 
  • Maintain a safe distance from the tracks at all times. This is an absolute minimum of 3 metres; and 10 metres or more, where possible 
Be careful on our rail access roads

  • If you need to use our access roads, obtain a permit, carry it at all times and adhere to speed limits 
  • Never attempt to drive around an unauthorised, locked gate crossing 
You can access a printable brochure containing these rules here.

Obtaining a permit for our rail access roads

  • General public - 30 day general public permits can be obtained by visiting your closest north west visitor centre or completing a short online training module.
  • Rio Tinto employees - If you are a permanent Rio Tinto employee you can access the training through your training profile or by contacting the Rail training team. 
  • Company permits - Companies working in the Pilbara can travel on the rail access roads if the vehicle driver carries a copy of a company permit, they have a completed the online training, and the vehicle is registered and roadworthy. The permit does not cover sub-contractors unless specific arrangements have been made. Company permits are valid for 12 months.

Access a map of our rail access roads and crossings

Changes to level crossings

Our public level crossings have been upgraded with flashing lights and bells to warn of an approaching train, and many also have boom gates and advanced warning signals.

All other level crossings, that are fenced and gated, are being closed to the public.

As part of this upgrade, we’ve installed a new obstruction detection system that connects to CCTV cameras providing us with a good view of any obstruction or other activity on the track.  We also have a good view of any unsafe behaviour around the tracks.

There are still many level crossings available for use, not far from the locked crossings, so it’s important to plan your journey in advance using the rail access road map above.

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We proudly support Rail Safety Week – a timely reminder to stay clear of train tracks, take care at level crossings and be aware of hazards on the rail access roads.

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