The Pilbara infrastructure expansions were completed in mid-2015, delivering expanded port and shipping capacity at Cape Lambert, increased rail network capacity, improved power and fuel supply and distribution, as well as expanded and improved accommodation and town facilities in the Pilbara.

Construction of the Silvergrass iron ore mine will ramp up in 2017. This highly value-accretive ~20 Mt/a project with a capital intensity of $29/tonne will deliver high-grade, low-phosphorous ore for the Pilbara blend, and give us operating benefits.

An integrated network is pivotal to reaching our expansion goal. Our mines, ports and rail work together to ensure seamless operations and the safe and efficient delivery of our products to customers all over the world. 

The Wickham town upgrade project was completed in September 2015. This US$300 million project supports the Cape Lambert port and rail operations workforce and included the construction of more than 240 houses, the Wickham Lodge FIFO accommodation and the Julutharndu Maya Central Facilities building as well as new parks, roads and other community infrastructure.

The A$18 million Dampier Community hub that was constructed in 2015 opened in 2016, followed by the announcement in the fourth quarter of an A$8 million contribution for construction and operation of the Wickham community hub. These projects at the coastal operations will improve community amenity by providing childcare and after-school services, youth services, library services and facilities for other community groups and activities.