Community investment

Community investment

Our approach to community investment is to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities where our people work and live.

We also recognise our operations affect our local communities and so we work to ensure our investment reflects community needs, in order to help create long-lasting solutions to shared challenges.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to do the right thing. We realise that businesses, governments and community groups cannot address critical issues on their own, so collaborative partnerships are a cornerstone of our approach.

In 2015 we contributed AUD$22.2 million in financial and AUD$11.8 million of in-kind support to community initiatives across Western Australia.

These initiatives were channelled into projects across five key priority areas - education, health, culture, environment and regional sustainability. Select the key areas below to learn more.


  • Early childhood development (0-5)
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Educator leadership and development
  • Post secondary education and training 
  • Enhancing school readiness in under fives by encouraging social and emotional development
  • Building numeracy and literacy achievement
  • Harnessing the creativity of children through engagement in leading science, technology, artistic and innovation practices
  • Supporting Aboriginal education
  • Supporting professional development of educators
  • Supporting the transition of high school students into tertiary education or employment and training opportunities 


  • Mental health
  • Regional health
  • Family health 
  • Showing leadership in promoting preventative health strategies and programmes that address key health issues
  • Striving for parity between regional and metropolitan health services and amenities
  • Supporting Aboriginal and community health programmes
  • Supporting maternal, childhood and adolescent health issues
  • Empowering families and communities to take charge of health challenges, build resilience and integrate health and safety initiatives in the home 


  • Creating opportunities for emerging artists
  • Community and regional arts
  • Major artistic institutions 
  • Developing leadership in the arts and encouraging emerging talent to work in Western Australia
  • Harnessing and promoting the diversity of cultural pursuits in Western Australia, reflecting culturally diverse communities
  • Preserving and showcasing Aboriginal heritage and culture
  • Contributing to stronger, more vibrant and culturally engaged regional communities
  • Enhancing the liveability and vibrancy of Western Australia through support for large-scale popular artistic pursuits and institutions


  • Regional biodiversity
  • Community education
  • Water management
  • Supporting the protection and conservation of Western Australia’s unique biodiversity
  • Engaging in programmes and educating communities about environmental conservation and awareness of Western Australia’s unique challenges
  • Encouraging families to engage with nature and the environment 


  • Revitalisation projects
  • Local employment and procurement
  • Business enterprise development
  • Community programmes 
  • Building regional economies through local employment, procurement and economic development initiatives
  • Enhancing the liveability and vibrancy of communities
  • Supporting the development of small to medium sized businesses that provide alternative employment opportunities
  • Supporting the delivery of child care, play groups, family, youth and community centres