Community investment

Community investment

We are proud of our history of pioneering progress around the world, including more than 50 years of operating and contributing in WA.

Together with our partners, we are committed to building sustainable and economically resilient communities with a continued focus on creating a strong sense of place and social engagement.

We make socially responsible financial and in-kind contributions to organisations and communities where we live and work in Western Australia, including Pilbara towns neighbouring our operations, regional FIFO communities and Perth.

We encourage proposals and prioritise support for initiatives that align with our key priority areas, being education, environment, health and community liveability.

Projects we support should align with the following:

  • Align with Rio Tinto business values adhering to The way we work and our Business Integrity Standard
  • Benefit communities which neighbour our operations or where our employees live and work
  • Are community groups, charitable or not-for-profit organisations
  • Are local government organisations in the Pilbara and regional source towns
  • Align with our strategic priorities and meet an identified need
  • Are active in engaging and leveraging funding and transparent in reporting
  • Have a clear project plan, objectives, timelines, budget and goals
  • Promote skills development and build community capacity
  • Show sustainability beyond our support

Projects we generally do not support:

  • Do not align with Rio Tinto business policies, values and The way we work
  • Primarily focus on capital works
  • Private companies that operate for profit seeking finance for commercial activities
  • Individual appeals by or on behalf of individuals for personal benefit, including the support of travel, study or fundraising
  • Mainstream government services traditionally funded by the government
  • Activities and events that have already occurred
  • Activities that are linked to political, partisan, religious or sectarian associations
  • Activities that may be construed as racially prejudiced or discriminatory

Funding requests are assessed regularly by our community investment and engagement teams and are prioritised according to the location of impact and alignment with the priority areas.

To apply for funding download our funding application form.

Employees in the Community

Our employees are passionate about giving back to their communities and we support that passion through our two Employees in the Community initiatives – Dollars for Doers and Team Rio Tinto.

Dollars for Doers rewards employees who volunteer 50 hours or more of personal time per year for a Western Australian based community organisation. Successful applicants receive a $500 grant for their nominated organisation.

Team Rio Tinto encourages groups of employees to take part in community and fundraising activities across Western Australia by providing funding to cover event registration costs or through matched fundraising.

Eligibility criteria must be met by employees and organisations. Interested employees can fund application packs for both programmes on our corporate intranet.