Community investment

Community investment

Rio Tinto aims to deliver lasting benefits to Western Australian communities where we work and live. Supporting mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to social and economic development creates long-lasting solutions to shared challenges.

We help build capacity and ensure long-term sustainability for prosperous and vibrant communities and aim to leave a lasting legacy to the WA economy.

By forming partnerships and sponsorships that target areas of real need we can achieve the greatest impact.

Read about our 2017 community investment activities here.

Investment outcomes

Through our community investment activities we aim to:

  •  establish closer ties with our local communities to make a positive and lasting difference
  •  engage with key stakeholders outside our daily business to develop and maintain positive relationships
  •  work collaboratively with other sectors to bring about identified positive social change
  •  encourage the long-term sustainability of community programmes beyond Rio Tinto funding
  •  enhance our reputation as an organisation committed to the West Australian community through positive engagement and effective communication. create opportunities for employees to participate in our community investment activities
  • create opportunities for employees to participate in our community investment activities


Where we support

We contribute to WA communities where we work and live including:

  •  Perth
  • Pilbara residential towns
  • Regional source towns


How we support

We contribute through financial, in-kind and employee engagement.

  • Financial – partnerships, sponsorships and donations
  • In-kind – business services, asset donations
  • Employee engagement – volunteering, fundraising, participation


 Priority areas

Our priority areas are education and community vibrancy.

We believe education is critical to a productive, active and informed society and we support educational initiatives that encourage learning from early childhood through to adulthood. Our strategic priorities are:

  • STEM: foster a culture of innovation by providing access to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education programmes.
  • School readiness: create learning opportunities for children aged 0-5 years to aid school entry.
  • Indigenous education: improve educational attainment in Indigenous populations, with a particular focus on Pilbara Aboriginal people.


We are committed to enhancing the vibrancy and diversity of Perth, the Pilbara and regional source town communities through the following strategic priorities:

  • Arts and culture: provide experiences that celebrate WA’s cultural heritage and artistic diversity and increase access to new audiences through support of arts and cultural organisations.
  • Regional liveability: enhance the liveability and vibrancy of regional towns by supporting projects and vital services that engage local communities.
  • Placemaking: foster a sense of place and encourage social participation through placemaking opportunities and activation of public spaces.

Apply for funding 

We support partnerships and sponsorships that have a clear community benefit for Western Australia communities and enhance the reputation of our business.

Our community partnerships must align with Rio Tinto business values adhering to The way we work and our Business Integrity Standard.

For more information about the projects we support and to apply for funding download our funding application pack.

Employees in the Community

Our Employees in the Community programme rewards and encourages our employees to stay connected with their community and provides opportunities to give back to initiatives and causes that they are passionate about. The programme complements our broader community investment approach.

Employees in the Community is made up of two programmes: Dollars for Doers and Team Rio Tinto.

Dollars for Doers

Dollars for Doers rewards employees who volunteer 50 hours or more of personal time per year for a Western Australian based not-for-profit organisation. Successful applications receive a $500 grant for their nominated organisation.

Team Rio Tinto

Team Rio Tinto encourages groups of 15 or more employees to take part in community and fundraising activities across WA by providing funding to cover event registration costs or by matching funds raised.