Our competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage

Dampier Salt maintains a market leadership position by bringing benefits to customers beyond a sustainable, reliable and high quality supply of salt.

Customer value

Customer value begins with price competitiveness. Dampier Salt achieves competitive rates with a focus on cost including low cost competitive sea freight, continuous operational improvement and efficient systems, processes and people.

Customer responsiveness is our strength - understanding customers' needs and resolving issues. Our team of sales and marketing professionals individually manage every salt shipment.


We adopt new technologies early and continually look for better ways to manage our salt operations. An advanced washplant technology at Dampier site is producing a cleaner product. Computer modelling systems providing insight into effective long term salt recovery at all sites.


Our leaders, and in turn, our employees share common goals. This is a commitment to health, safety, innovation, sustained performance and protection of the environment. Our leadership team sets expectations for delivery and performance and works with employees to achieve these. A culture of support for one another underpins every activity we undertake.


Our relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and the community are based on openness, trust and respect. Doing what we say we will do for 40 years has established our reputation as a dependable neighbour, responsible employer and leading supplier of solar salt.

Long term contracts

Long term relationships with customers ensure sustainability of supply. Long term contracts allow customers to fix volume, shipment size, delivery time and price to improve product supply stability and ensure certainty. Long term contracts allow Dampier Salt to plan production and supply well in advance of customer needs and secure long term freight at competitive rates.

Product enhancement

Facilities are installed to enable the introduction of additives, such as free-flowing agents to the salt according to customer requirements. This flexibility and adaptability is particularly important in food-grade use and de-icing markets.


Dampier Salt's operations are largely run by renewable energy. This is a fact we are proud of in a world that recognises greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change.

Around 99 per cent of the energy Dampier Salt uses in the growing and processing of salt comes from the sun and wind. While these forms of energy come in an endless supply, we strive further for environmental excellence. And we consider our environmental activities and responsibilities as only one part of our contribution to sustainable development.

We have a long term commitment to sustainable development that includes environmental stewardship, social wellbeing and economic prosperity.

As a member of the Rio Tinto Group, we have strong governance systems supporting our sustainable development programme and activities and are guided by the Group's policies and standards.

The best way to care for the country and the communities in which we operate is to be a successful business, where decisions are based around the long term sustainability of the business - in an environmental, social and economic sense.

Dampier Salt has a long track record of achievement and future plans for expansion. Combining our ambition, expertise and focus on sustainable principles in all that we do ensures we are a successful company today and in the future.