Without your health, your quality of life suffers.

Dampier Salt Limited recognises the importance of supporting our workforce to make good lifestyle choices in addition to understanding and appropriately managing health hazards and risks at work and at home.

We provide opportunities for people to take an active interest in their health and be proactive in improving their own wellbeing. Health checks, influenza vaccinations, skin cancer screening and mental health training are staples of our wellness program.

Our comprehensive occupational health and hygiene programs identify and quantify health hazards to enable us to minimise exposure and prevent injury and illness that may otherwise develop. Noise and contaminant monitoring and control, musculoskeletal injury prevention and periodic medical surveillance are examples of key programs.

We adhere to the risk based occupational health standards of the Rio Tinto Group, including but not limited to:

  • Noise exposure control
  • Workplace ergonomics management
  • Health and medical monitoring
  • Hazardous substances exposure control
  • Fitness for work and fatigue management

As is the case with safety, leaders are accountable for performance against the health standards. We have a comprehensive auditing system which facilitates continuous improvement and encourages a one business approach.

Our team of HSE professionals develop, implement and maintain our health and hygiene programs, which aim to protect, educate and empower our workforce.

Risk assessment has determined that noise induced hearing loss, heat stress and musculoskeletal injury/illness are our highest health risks. Noise monitoring and control measures, regular audiometric testing and review, thermal stress awareness campaigns and musculoskeletal injury prevention are high priorities in our business.

We will continue to support the health and wellbeing of our workforce, as our people are our most important asset and without their health, quality of life and work suffers.