Community investment

Community investment


Dampier Salt Limited supports sustainable community relations and investment in the communities where we operate.

Our community relations and investment strategy focuses primarily on supporting the communities in the areas where our businesses are located - Carnarvon, Karratha/Dampier and Port Hedland. This support is realised through a number of different strategies including sponsorships and community investment.

Sponsorships and community investment

Sponsorship can be defined as a business relationship between a provider of funds, resources or services and an event or organisation which in return not only supports Dampier Salt Limited business reputation but also promotes community connectedness. Sponsorships and community investment may include financial and/or in-kind support.

In line with Rio Tinto's global communities' policy Dampier Salt seeks to support the key focuses of the Millennium Development Goals, namely: education, health, culture, community and environment.

These areas have been chosen due to;

  • Links with our business needs
  • Sustainable benefits to the community
  • Areas that are important to the communities in the regions
  • They create opportunities for our employees to participate and contribute to communities

In-Kind Support

Dampier Salt Limited focuses on building sustainable relationships in the communities by providing in-kind support which can be defined as building capacity with the communities, contributing resources to Non Government Organisations (NGO's), Not for Profits (NFP) and/or services that are a benefit of the broader community. We also see our in-kind support as;

  • Building closer and trusting relationships with the community
  • Ensuring capacity building is sustainable
  • Opportunities for our employees to become involved in our communities

Find out more about the many community partnerships and programmes supported by the wider Rio Tinto group in Western Australia by visiting our community investment website.