Working with us

Working with us

The Argyle Diamond Mine offers its employees many attractive benefits as well as investing in skills development, education and training.

As part of its localization policy the Argyle Diamond Mine gives employment preference to local East Kimberley residents, and is particularly committed to providing training and employment opportunities for indigenous people. In addition to the mine site, Argyle has facilities in Perth and Kununurra.


A portion of Argyle employees are based in the Perth office and provide support services to the mine. Perth is also the location of the stand alone Argyle Pink Diamonds business that is part of the sales and marketing arm of Rio Tinto Diamonds.


The Kununurra offiice is designed as a space for Argyle employees to utilise and conduct business when visiting and/or working in Kununurra. The Kununurra office is largely unmanned and does not have a public presence.

Argyle mine site

At any given time, hundreds of people may be working at the Argyle mine. A standard working shift is 12 hours. Several different rosters are in place according to commute arrangements and job requirements.

While working on site, Argyle provides accommodation in the Argyle Village that comprises 363 permanent single rooms. rooms are equipped with an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette, air-conditioning, linen and television.

The accommodation area has dining, recreational and laundry facilities. The recreational facilities include a small deli, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, table tennis and snooker tables, gymnasium and squash court.

Argyle has a peer support network and employee assistance programme available for employees requiring support or counselling. The Employee Assistance Program allows all employees to access qualified counselling through designated external and independent providers.

Recruitment process

The Argyle Diamond Mine aims to become recognised as a preferred employer within nearby communities in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. We also aim to select first class people whose values align with those established for our business.

The typical stages that a successful applicant will progress through are as follows:


Please refer to the Careers section on this website for information on career opportunities at Argyle Diamonds.

Acknowledgement of application

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email to acknowledge this.


Based on the information you have provided in your application you may be invited to attend an interview. You will be asked questions about your skills and experience and how these relate to the role you have applied for.

Security clearance

It is a condition of employment with Argyle that you complete and pass a federal security clearance. Completion of the security clearance consent form will typically happen at or following the interview stage.

Additional assessments

For some specific roles, additional forms of assessment may be undertaken. Details of these will be explained to all applicants at the interview stage. These assessments provide us with additional information about your skills and abilities.

Pre employment medical

All applicants are asked to undertake a pre-employment medical as one of the last stages of the recruitment process.

Offer of a position with the Argyle Diamond Mine

If successful you will be offered the opportunity to join our team. This offer will be typically made by phone and confirmed in writing.


If you are not already an East Kimberley resident, the relocation package relevant to your appointment will be explained to you when you are made an offer of employment.

How to apply

Argyle Diamonds advertises available roles through local and national media, and this website.

Employee benefits

As a permanent employee of the Argyle Diamond Mine, the following benefits will be available to you. More details will be provided on commencement of employment.

Your salary

You will be paid monthly by means of a credit to a bank account of your choice. Your salary will be reviewed each year. Your individual work performance, as well as company performance, will determine increases to your salary.

Your benefits

  • Argyle Staff Purchase Scheme
    Employees of the Argyle Diamond Mine are able to access the staff purchase scheme for the purchase of polished diamonds at discounted rates
  • Study assistance scheme
    The Argyle Diamond Mine has a study assistance policy available for all employees, which offers financial assistance for relevant tertiary study
  • Rio Tinto staff superannuation fund
    The Rio Tinto staff superannuation fund provides benefits in various circumstances including retirement, disability, ill-health or death. You will be able to salary package your superannuation contributions
  • Rio Tinto staff insurance scheme
    Argyle provides a death and disability scheme, under which you will be covered, in most circumstances, in the event of death or total and permanent disablement
  • Rio Tinto staff medical assistance scheme
    Argyle offers a subsidy to assist with private health insurance
  • Relocation assistance
    Relocation assistance will be provided when necessary, full details will be provided during the recruitment process

Your leave

  • Annual leave
    From your date of commencement you will start to accrue annual leave. The rate at which you accrue this will depend on your roster. Argyle strongly encourages its employees to take regular holidays to ensure their health and wellbeing
  • Long service leave
    Statutory long service leave will apply in accordance with appropriate state legislation. Accumulated long service leave is transferable within Rio Tinto
  • Sick leave
    You will have access to sick leave when you are unable to work due to illness or injury
  • Other leave
    Other leave, including parental and carer's leave, and access to flexible work practices, is available