Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and environment

The Argyle mine is characterised by a high level of efficiency, safety and productivity, coupled with a commitment to quality management, a skilled workforce and state-of-the-art technology.

Argyle’s goal is to be the safest underground mine in the world, and actively pursues this through the development its leaders and HSE representatives, high quality incident management processes that focus on engineering level corrective actions, and simple, well understood safety standards and systems.

Argyle seeks to reduce health risks in the workplace through the minimisation of exposure to health hazards, the provision of appropriate medical support and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles.

Argyle measures its safety performance in terms of all injury frequency rate, which is a combination of lost time injuries (LTI's) and medical treatment injuries (MTI’s) - and the hours worked by all employees and contractors. An LTI is defined as an occupational injury that renders the person unable to carry out all of his/her normal duties on the next working shift. This results in days away from work or a restriction in work activity. An MTI is an occupational injury that requires medical attention from a qualified person (Registered Nurse or doctor) other than first aid and does not restrict the person returning to work.

Argyle encourages its employees to be fit and healthy and provides a number of programs and policies to promote well-being. The main policy is the Fit for Work policy, which requires all employees to take responsibility for coming to work rested, alert and focused on the job. Argyle also runs a proactive wellness program, which includes voluntary wellness assessments, after-work activities, and other health promotion activities.

Argyle has four emergency response teams at the mine site each with a small group of people trained and skilled in emergency procedures.

Argyle also has a comprehensive business resilience and recovery plan that is regularly tested, ensuring that Argyle is ready to handle any threat to its employees, community, environment or property.

A fully equipped medical centre is operational at the mine site and a registered nurse is available 24 hours a day.

Argyle is also strongly committed to the preservation of the environment. Its environmental management programme includes a range of projects to prevent, minimise, mitigate or remediate the mine’s environmental impacts, including:

  • Conservation of natural resources to promote efficient use of water and energy;
  • Protection of rare endangered or priority flora and fauna species;
  • Management of exotic species;
  • Promotion of environmental awareness throughout the workforce;
  • Protection of indigenous heritage sites; and
  • Environmental performance monitoring and measurement.