From the mine to the market

From the mine to the market

Argyle produces diamonds in a range of colours, including white, champagne and pink gems. The majority of Argyle’s diamonds are sold as “rough” or uncut diamonds. These are sorted and prepared for international sale by Rio Tinto’s sales and marketing team in Antwerp, Belgium. The entire Argyle production is used in jewellery and finds a home in all major consumer markets around the world.

The majority of customers for the Argyle rough diamonds are Indian based companies and the Indian cutting industry has been an important platform for developing the market for the small, coloured diamonds that characterize the Argyle production.

Rio Tinto’s bold and innovative marketing campaigns have helped to build an appreciation of coloured diamonds around the world, particularly in the lucrative US fashion jewellery market. The coloured gems are also gaining a strong following amongst the rising middle classes in China and India. Argyle has established representative offices in these three major markets.

The Argyle mine is the world's primary source of rare pink diamonds – the company's signature stone. The pink diamonds are retained for cutting and polishing and then sold to an international customer base comprising traders, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery designers and luxury retailers.

The best from each year's production of pink diamonds are cut and polished in Western Australia and sold through the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Of the hundreds of millions of diamonds produced by Argyle each year, only the best 60 or so are included in this prestigious sealed tender.