Products and markets

Products and markets

Aluminium: delivering a responsible future

As one of the world’s leading primary aluminium producers, we bring more than 100 years of manufacturing and technology experience to the table. Today we’re the supplier of choice for hundreds of customers worldwide.

Here are the benefits you can expect when we work together:

Outstanding products and services wherever you are

Everywhere you are – that’s where we deliver our high-quality primary metal. With 19 casthouses strategically located across the globe, ‘just in time’ is a promise we consistently keep.

Having your own dedicated regional Sales & Customer Service representatives is your guarantee of the very best personalised service. So is rapid access to the best technical experts for responding to your product and process needs.

Consistent high-quality products

Consistency in the quality and supply of our products outweighs just about everything else. Your success depends on it – and so does ours.

And when you offer more than 2,000 commodity and specialised alloys like we do, robust process and supply controls are a must. These controls give both you and us the edge when it comes to unfailing quality and supply consistency.

Optimised solutions at every step

Our comprehensive technical expertise goes far beyond helping you develop the right alloy for your customers. We also provide cost-effective solutions to streamline and optimise your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Actively participating in global research programmes helps us to continuously improve customer products and processes across several industries. It’s one of the ways we boost your productivity and drive down your costs.

By your side for the long term

Despite a challenging economy, we continue to invest in meeting your evolving and long term needs through new value-added product capacities and improved alloys.

Our investment strategy focuses on initiatives that provide the most value for you. This includes maintaining top performing assets, best in class technology and industry leading expertise. From our low cost expandable assets to our advanced and competitive smelter technology – you can count on us.

A cleaner start to your product lifecycle

Renewal™ aluminium is good for business.

Aluminium recycling is no longer enough. Our aluminium products and services help reduce your CO2 footprint and provide a cleaner start to your product lifecycle.

Our advanced AP Technology™ and largely carbon free energy lie at the heart of RenewAl™, the industry’s first low CO2 primary aluminium.

A responsible partner

Part of our responsibility includes helping to make our world a better place. Here are a few of the ways we’re doing just that.

Environment: Taking pride in what we leave behind
RenewAl™, our low CO2 primary aluminium, contributes to greener cars, buildings, packaging and electronics around the globe.

Social: Building resilient local communities
We partnered with the Indigenous charity Indspire and the Canadian government to create the $2 million “Rio Tinto Award for Indigenous Students” to help Indigenous youth pursue post-secondary studies.

Governance: Ensuring transparency and accountability
Annual certification of all employees to The way we work, our global code of conduct, helps promote the values and behaviours we expect from our people.

Economic: Supporting regional economic development
During the recent modernisation of our Kitimat Smelter in British Columbia, Canada, we awarded contracts worth more than C$200 million to Haisla Nation and Haisla‑related businesses.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

As a co-founder of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASi), Rio Tinto is engaged with like-minded partners in defining the aluminium industry’s ethical, environmental and social practices that will drive sustainable performance and growth. This standard will be used to assess businesses’ sustainability performance at every stage of the supply chain, from bauxite mining to aluminium remelting, and recycling.