Talk to Peggy

Talk to Peggy

Talk to Peggy, Rio Tinto's confidential and independently operated multilingual whistleblowing service, is available to employees, contractors, suppliers and customers of Rio Tinto.

It offers an avenue for reporting concerns about the business or individual's behaviour. This can include suspicion of violations of Rio Tinto's policies and procedures, human rights, safety, environmental, financial reporting, fraud or business integrity issues in general. Reports can be anonymous although what can be reported and anonymous reporting may be subject to the local laws of the country where the report is made.

We are committed to a culture of transparency and encourage employees, contractors and other stakeholders to speak up about their issues and concerns, either through management, human resources and other functions or through Talk to Peggy.

If you have a concern, don't ignore it; let us know. You could prevent a potentially serious situation from harming you, our organisation and others.

How can you contact Talk to Peggy?

Call Talk to Peggy. Click to access the phone number for the country you are calling from.

Submit a report online. Report via the web.