The modernisation of the 60 year-old Kitimat smelter featured the installation of Rio Tinto’s state of the art AP Technology.

In March 2016, the last of the 384 pots in the modernised smelter came into operation, marking the beginning of a new era of aluminium production for Kitimat and Northwest BC. With this new technology and four generations of employee expertise, the old smelter has been transformed into the most competitive aluminium smelter in the world, with one of the lowest carbon footprint aluminiums ever produced.

Key benefits of AP Technology and the new modernised smelter include:

  • high energy efficiency
  • leading-edge digital monitors and computer control systems
  • lowest greenhouse gas emissions in aluminium production in the world
  • revolutionary efficiency and performance in dry scrubbing (cleaning) systems
  • high levels of material recovery to maximize raw material yield and recycling opportunities

"All aluminium is not equal, when that ingot goes out to a specific customer with the Kitimat stamp on it, it means that it’s been produced with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, it means that it’s been done responsibly, it means that It’s been done with a state of the art smelter, and it means that it’s been done by a fantastic team."
- Gervais Jacques, Managing Director, Atlantic Operations