QMM’s Procurement team

QMM’s Procurement team

Within QMM, the Procurement Department ensures sourcing, buying and delivery services.

1. Sourcing: this team devises and implements sourcing strategies for goods and services, and manages relationships with suppliers.

2. Buying: this team maintains the data concerning distributors and materials, issues purchase orders for goods, services and items which can be repaired, and carries out deliveries if necessary. All QMM purchase requests are processed through this team (Port d'Ehoala included).

3. Delivery: this team manages inbound freight, storage and inventory control processes for QMM, and optimises related logistic processes.

All commitments relating to goods and services have to go through the systems and the processes managed and validated by RTP.

These teams handle all purchase and service requests, and manage key files (such as the database of suppliers, price files, catalogue of available spare parts). Businesses that wish to provide goods and services to the QMM business units must go through the procurement team.

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