Hail Creek Mine CDF

Hail Creek Mine CDF

The Hail Creek Mine Community Development Fund was established in 2006 to support communities in the Nebo, Mackay, Mirani and Sarina shires to build community capacity to address development challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

In December 2014, Hail Creek Mine announced the continuation of the fund for a further three years committing A$450,000 to distribute to eligible projects.


Following the assessment of a regional socio economic baseline study in 2014, the fund aims to target issues, needs and opportunities which are a priority to the local community and are related to Rio Tinto’s core business.

Specific objectives have been identified based on an understanding of the local social and economic environment, as well as through direct feedback from members of the community.

Based on this information, the objectives of the Hail Creek Mine Community Development Fund are to support projects in the following areas.


Proposals aimed at enhancing the economic base of the region:

  • Attract and diversify sustainable business and services, including providing support to small business
  • Strengthen and promote regional attributes, capabilities, skills and cooperation that will add economic value
  • Improve the economic competitiveness of the region.

Social and education

Proposals aimed at increasing community capacity in the region:

  • Develop community and youth leadership and recognise excellence
  • Increase access to appropriate academic and vocational education and training
  • Increase recognition of the benefits of lifelong learning within the community
  • Enhance community participation and access to wellness and safety programmes.


Proposals aimed at increasing the quality of the regional environment:

  • Promote awareness of regional environmental issues
  • Implement community generated regional environmental programmes that will improve the quality of the Mackay Region and/or Nebo district environment.

Eligibility and guidelines

Information about eligibility and the application process to apply for funding can be found in the Hail Creek CDF guidelines located on the Documents page.

Contact us to get in touch with the executive officer for further information or to start the application process.