Utilities (residential and commercial)

Utilities (residential and commercial)

Management and supply of energy and water in the Pilbara  

We operate and manage electricity and water infrastructure in the Pilbara, in a way that ensures safe, reliable water and electricity supplies are delivered to Pilbara towns.

A breakdown of energy and water suppliers by Pilbara town is provided below.

  Dampier Karratha Pannawonica Paraburdoo Tom Price Wickham
Energy Rio Tinto  Horizon Power Rio Tinto  Rio Tinto Rio Tinto Rio Tinto
Water Rio Tinto Water Corporation Rio Tinto Rio Tinto Rio Tinto Water Corporation

Your account

This section contains information about your Rio Tinto Utilities (water/electricity) account. If you have any questions relating to your account, please contact our help desk on 1800 992 777.


For all new connections to our electricity network an electricity account application form will need to be submitted. All new installations are required to be fully inspected prior to being energised. A full inspection of the new installation ensures that the electrical installation is safe to energise.

Land Development

We manage land development requests in Dampier, Tom Price, Paraburdoo, Pannawonica and Wickham.

This includes:

  • Western Australian Planning Commission applications for subdivisions and amalgamations;
  • Coordinating construction approvals within the proximity of water and electrical assets
  • Providing comment to local government on development approvals  (ie variation of R-Codes)
  • Providing comment to WA government on sale of crown land
  • Advising prospective purchasers on service availability

Please contact the Compliance team via the Service Desk (1800 992 777 or piics.utilities@riotinto.com ).

Planned Network Outages

We try to carry out necessary maintenance work on the network without interrupting your power supply. However, on occasions, we may need to interrupt your supply to perform planned maintenance on the network, respond to an emergency or in very rare instances shed electrical load on the network when electricity demand exceeds generated supply.

Unless it is an emergency, we will give you at least three working days notice before a planned power interruption. This notice may be through advertising, individual notices, telephone, SMS, email, letter or fax.

If we do need to interrupt your power supply, there are things you should be aware of:

  • Access to your meter box may be required. Please ensure all entry gates are unlocked and dogs are properly secured.
  • We recommend that you switch off sensitive electronic and electrical appliances prior to the scheduled power interruption, including TVs and DVD players.
  • Cordless phones do not operate without mains power, so keep a standard phone or mobile phone handy in case of an emergency.
  • Automatic garage doors, security gates, lift and elevators may not operate during a power interruption, so you may wish to make alternative arrangements.
  • Avoid opening fridge and freezer doors unnecessarily during planned power interruptions.
  • If you have solar panels, your electricity inverter will automatically switch off when power loss occurs and switch back on when power is restored.
  • After the power has been restored please ensure all alarm clocks, reticulation systems and security gates (if you have a monitored security alarm without a backup battery, advise your security company of the power interruption) have been reset.

We may cancel the planned power interruption due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances without notice.