Rio Tinto
Annual review 2011

Summary income statement

Years ended 31 December

These Summary financial statements have been extracted from the full financial statements, which have been reported on by the auditors, and which will be filed with the United Kingdom Registrar of Companies and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The auditors’ report of the full financial statements is unqualified and does not contain a statement under either S498(2) or S498(3) of the UK Companies Act 2006. The Summary financial statements do not contain sufficient information to allow as full an understanding of the results and affairs of the Group and parent companies as is provided in the full financial statements. Copies of the 2011 Annual report and full financial statements may be obtained from these addresses.

  2011 US$m Restated(a)
Continuing operations    
Consolidated sales revenue 60,537 55,171
Net operating costs (excluding items shown separately) (36,260) (35,262)
Impairment charges less reversals (9,174) (982)
Gain on consolidation and on disposal of interests in businesses 185 753
Exploration and evaluation costs (1,437) (594)
Profits on disposal of interests in undeveloped projects 89 522
Operating profit 13,940 19,608
Share of profit after tax of equity accounted units 704 1,101
Impairment after tax of investments in equity accounted units (592)
Profit before finance items and taxation 14,052 20,709
Finance items (838) (218)
Profit before taxation 13,214 20,491
Taxation (6,439) (5,296)
Profit from continuing operations 6,775 15,195
Loss after tax from discontinued operations (10) (97)
Profit for the year 6,765 15,098
– attributable to non-controlling interests 939 860
– attributable to owners of Rio Tinto (Net earnings) 5,826 14,238
Basic earnings/(loss) per share    
Profit from continuing operations 303.5c 731.0c
Loss from discontinued operations (0.5c) (4.9c)
Profit for the year 303.0c 726.1c
Diluted earnings/(loss) per share    
Profit from continuing operations 301.5c 726.7c
Loss from discontinued operations (0.5c) (4.9c)
Profit for the year 301.0c 721.8c
Dividends paid during the year (US$m) 2,236 1,754
Dividends per share: paid during the year 117.0c 90.0c
Dividends per share: declared in respect of the year 91.0c 63.0c
  1. (a) The Financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2010 have been restated in accordance with IFRS 3 “Business Combinations” (Revised), following the reclassification of certain balances relating to the Consolidation of Oyu Tolgoi LLC.