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2010 Annual report

Rio Tinto’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity improves business outcomes. We are a global company, and wherever we operate, and across every part of our business, we strive to create an inclusive culture in which difference is recognised and valued. By bringing together men and women from diverse backgrounds and giving each person the opportunity to contribute their skills, experience and perspectives, we believe that we are best able to develop innovative solutions to challenges and deliver sustainable value for Rio Tinto and its stakeholders.

What diversity and inclusion means for Rio Tinto

  • Embracing workforce diversity irrespective of age, gender, race, national and ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, language.
  • Valuing diversity of perspective – leveraging the diverse thinking, skills, experience and working styles of our employees.
  • Building a flexible organisation – providing opportunities for work arrangements that accommodate the diverse needs of individuals at different life and career stages.
  • Respecting stakeholder diversity – developing strong and sustainable relationships with diverse shareholders, communities, employees, governments, customers and suppliers.

How we are building an inclusive environment at Rio Tinto

We use five levers to drive action and build awareness about diversity and inclusion. Long and short term initiatives are prioritised based on need and impact.

  • Governance models, such as the recently established Group Diversity Council
  • Policies, practices and targets
  • Leadership and cultural competence
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Education and communication

What our current focus is

Priorities for 2011 include five year programmes to:

  • Improve the representation of women in senior management roles and the pipeline of female talent; and
  • Improve the number of individuals from under-represented nationalities in professional and leadership roles, especially people from emerging regions in which Rio Tinto is developing business.

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