Notes to the financial statements

47 Bougainville Copper Limited (‘BCL’)

Mining has been suspended at the Panguna mine since 1989. Safe mine access by company employees has not been possible since that time and an accurate assessment of the condition of the assets cannot therefore be made. Considerable funding would be required to recommence operations to the level which applied at the time of the mine's closure in 1989. An ‘Order of Magnitude’ study undertaken in 2008 indicates that costs in a range of US$2 billion to US$4 billion would be required to reopen the mine assuming all site infrastructure is replaced. The directors consider that the Group does not currently realise a benefit from its interest in BCL and therefore BCL information continues to be excluded from the financial statements. BCL reported a net profit of US$3 million for the financial year (2008: net loss of US$2 million). This is based upon actual transactions for the financial year. The aggregate amount of capital and reserves reported by BCL as at 31 December 2009 was US$138 million (2008: US$113 million). The Group owns 214,887,966 shares in BCL, representing 53.6 per cent of the issued share capital. The investment of US$195 million was fully provided against in 1991. At 31 December 2009, the number of shares in BCL held by the Group, multiplied by the share price, resulted in an amount of US$114 million (2008: US$101 million).