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Dick Evans

Executive director

Dick Evans, Executive directorDick Evans BS (Industrial Engineering), MS Management, age 61

Appointments and election: Director of Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Limited since 2007. Dick was elected by shareholders at the 2008 annual general meetings. Further to the continued integration of the former Alcan business, Dick will retire from the Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Limited boards at the conclusion of the Rio Tinto Limited annual general meeting on 20 April 2009.

Skills and experience: Dick joined Rio Tinto following the acquisition of Alcan where he had held several senior management positions since 1997 including executive vice president and president and chief executive officer from 2006 to 2007. Prior to Alcan, he held senior management positions with Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation.

External appointments (current and recent):
Director of AbitibiBowater Inc. since 2003 and its chairman since February 2009
Director of the International Aluminium Institute since 2001 and Chairman since 2008
Director of the Conference Board of Canada since 2007

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