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Report of the nominations committee

The Nominations committee's activities during 2007 covered executive and non executive succession and appointments. Tom Albanese succeeded Leigh Clifford as chief executive in May 2007. Following the acquisition of Alcan Inc., Yves Fortier, Paul Tellier and Dick Evans were appointed directors with effect from 25 October 2007. Dick Evans also became the Chief executive of the combined aluminium group, Rio Tinto Alcan.

Each of the new directors bring extensive North American and international business experience to the board. A short biography of each is set out in the directors' section.

As part of his annual performance assessment of individual directors, Paul Skinner, who is chairman of the committee, has also reviewed the time committed by directors to Group business and confirmed this to be appropriate in each case.

Paul Skinner (Chairman)
Sir Rod Eddington
Yves Fortier
David Mayhew
Sir Richard Sykes

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