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Rio Tinto recognises the importance of effective communication with shareholders and the wider investment community.

To ensure that trading in its securities takes place in an informed market the Group has adopted Continuous disclosure standards which are appended to the Corporate governance standards and posted on its website. All information released to the markets is posted on the website immediately.

In addition to statutory documents, the website features in depth information on health, safety and the environment, as well as general investor information, publications and Group policies. Full and half year results as well as any major presentations are also webcast. Presentation material from investor seminars is also made available on the website.

Full advantage is taken of the annual general meetings to inform shareholders of current developments and to give shareholders the opportunity to ask questions. As recommended by the ASX Principles, Rio Tinto Limited's external auditor attends the annual general meeting and is available to answer shareholder questions about the conduct of the audit and the preparation and content of the auditor's report. Rio Tinto Limited shareholders are also able to submit written questions regarding the statutory audit report to the auditors via the Company. Any questions received and answers provided are made available to the members at the Rio Tinto Limited annual general meeting. Rio Tinto plc's auditors attend the annual general meeting in London and are available to respond to audit related shareholder questions.

The main channels of communication with the investment community are through the chairman, chief executive and finance director, who have regular meetings with the Companies' major shareholders. The senior independent director and other non executive directors are also available as appropriate.

The Group organises regular investor seminars which provide a two way communication with investors and analysts; the valuable feedback is communicated to the board. An annual survey of major shareholders' opinion and perception of the Group is presented to the board by the Group's investor relations advisors.

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