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Business practice

Statement of business practice

The way we work provides the directors and all Group employees with a summary of the global policies and controls in place to help ensure that high governance and business standards are communicated and maintained throughout the Group. Group businesses then put them into practice through local codes of conduct and report on their implementation.

Global policies are adopted by the board after wide consultation, externally and within the Group. Once adopted, they are communicated to business units worldwide, together with mandatory standards and guidance notes to support implementation. Business units are required to devote the necessary effort by management to implement and report on these policies and standards.

The following global policies are currently in place: access to land; communities; corporate governance; employment; environment; human rights; information management; occupational health; political involvement; risk; safety and sustainable development. To complete the suite of policies, the following are being revised: business integrity; information systems security management and information technology; internal controls and reporting; and transparency. Each of these policies is supported by standards expanding on the minimum expectations on topics such as antitrust, continuous disclosure, compliance, cultural heritage and health, safety and the environment. Many of these standards are supplemented by guidance notes. These policies and standards apply to all Rio Tinto managed businesses.

Where the Group does not have operating responsibility for a business, Rio Tinto's policies are communicated to its business partners and they are encouraged to adopt similar policies of their own.

'Whistle blowing' programme

There is also a Groupwide 'whistle blowing' programme called Speak-OUT. Employees are encouraged to report any concerns, including any suspicion of a violation of the Group's financial reporting or environmental procedures, through an independent third party and without fear of recrimination. A process has been established for the investigation of any matters reported with clear lines of reporting and responsibility in each Group business.

Sustainable development

Rio Tinto's report on Sustainable development follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and the Association of British Insurers. This report can be found in Sustainable development. Details of the Group's overall and individual businesses' social and environmental performance continue to be published on the website.

Dealing in Rio Tinto securities

The Group has a policy in place to govern the dealing in Rio Tinto securities by directors, executives and employees. The policy, which prohibits dealings when in possession of price sensitive information and shortly before a results announcement, can be viewed on the website.

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